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Some students really enjoy ordering from services like because of the bidding system. This system means that you can choose your writer and, most importantly, the price for the paper you will order. It is a big advantage, but the system has some serious flaws that are much highlighted in the work of Essay Shark. Keep reading our review to learn more.

Services Provided

You can order any paper you want here, on any subject or topic. It all comes down to who will bid on it and whether you will decide that a bidder proposed a fair rate for the paper. We do recommend that you are careful with the choosing process – it is better to take your time than to choose a writer who isn’t really qualified for the paper, but gave you the lowest quote.

Here are some of the most common papers you will surely get a lot of bidders for at Essay Shark:

  • Essays
  • Article reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Business plans
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations and thesis


Unfortunately, this is the part we were talking about when we said that the company is disappointing customers – the paper quality isn’t always good. In fact, if you calculate the negative feedback and the positive feedback on the Web, you will learn that it is inclined toward negative.

We checked for the paper quality by actually making an order. From the bidders, we selected an averagely priced order bid to avoid both the low and high prices that would be considered unreasonable. Even so, we seemed to have chosen a non-native writer, even though her profile said otherwise. We concluded this because our paper was barely comprehensive and the price was not at all suitable for that paper quality.


EssayShark is doing quite well in term of deadlines. Their refund guarantee seems to stick only if the writer misses a deadline, but you still have to use your money to get a paper from them when they refund you for that order.
If you need a paper urgently, this company offers the most urgent deadlines ever. But, we aren’t sure that this is a great idea because it takes a lot of time to get bids and choose a good bidder.

Customer Support has a solid customer support service. They did make us wait several times until they found a person who was informed of the issue we contacted them about, but all agents were highly professional and friendly.
The company could have done a bit more in informing their agents since it took us over half an hour to finally reach the right person to ask a revision from. We did get a revision, but after two full days, which is too much when students need to deliver a paper before a deadline.


Prices are very variable here and depend only on the bidders and yourself. You can pay a price of a couple of dollars per page if you choose the lowest bids, or a ridiculously high amounts if you accept the bid of writers who tend to exaggerate.

Most bids in our case were so low, it left us the impression that there isn’t much work for the writers employed here. We do recommend that you don’t choose bids that seem unreasonable, since they are usually proposed by non-native writers or those with the least experience.


Don’t try to find discounts – there aren’t any. This is the common disadvantage of such companies. The bidding system does not allow for a loyalty program of any kind.


We wouldn’t say that is a terrible company, but it is far from one we could recommend. The paper quality can either be good or bad based on the choice you make in regard of a writer, but in most cases, customers got low quality papers. If you need a high quality paper, this is not a smart risk to take – you might end up choosing a bad writer and lose a fortune because you have to order your paper all over again.

Written by: Mary Wolfe
Date published: 10/05/2018
2.5 / 5 stars

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